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How Indeed Hire can help

Expand your reach

We use Indeed’s data, technology, and expertise to find quality talent on the #1 job site worldwide.*

Speed up your hiring process

We’ll deliver candidates and help you make hires so you can focus on growing your business.

Pay per hire

Save on traditional recruiting fees and pay only when you make a hire.

*comScore, Total Visits, March 2019

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How Indeed Hire works

Getting started

Start your search quickly

Upload jobs with one-on-one support from the Hire team.

Meet your hiring partner

Your dedicated Hiring Specialist will help you find great candidates right away.

Sourcing and screening

Optimize your job post

Your job will get all of the benefits of Indeed’s tools and data at no extra cost.

Reach deep into Indeed’s talent pool

Our technology locates good matches and sends a personalized invitation to apply.

We submit 1 candidate for every 10 applicants we receive on average.

Get your quality shortlist delivered

We use your specified criteria to match, analyze, and review every candidate before you see them.

On average we submit candidates in 3 days. The average for third-party recruiters is 7 days.*

*Bountyjobs 2018 Agency Benchmark Report

Interviewing and offer

Skip the phone tag

Your Hiring Specialist will coordinate interview scheduling based on your convenience.

Make your hire

We can help manage the offer process by brokering salary negotiations upon request.

On average we have an interview scheduled in 11 days. The average for third-party recruiters is 27 days.*

Pay per hire

Pay 10% of the candidate’s annual starting salary after you make a hire. 30-day money back guarantee.

That’s roughly half the cost of the industry average.*

*Bountyjobs 2018 Agency Benchmark Report

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What our customers are saying

Using Indeed Hire is a huge time saver for us and actually made our recruiting and hiring process enjoyable.

Erik Beguin

President and CEO

Austin Capital Bank

Indeed Hire is definitely now a tool in our recruiting toolbox.

Paul Newman

Manager, Talent Acquisition

Benjamin Moore and Co.

Certainly touches a much broader pool of candidates than we could ever be exposed to.

Priya Rajkumar

Chief Operating Officer

Metro Wellness and Community Centers